Based in Concord

“I enjoy creating beautiful sceneries every day.”
~Kathy Rojas

Kathy Rojas, is a designer who stages.

After moving to the Bay Area from Arizona 20 years ago, Kathy decided to combine her many years of real estate and decorating experience to create an exclusive staging company. Upon receiving the Accredited Staging Professional Master designation in 2003, Kathy created Dressed to Sell, LLC.

Although she has an ASP Master designation, the elements that Kathy learned through receiving her degree in Interior Design is what helps her achieve the final product. A staging designation (usually a few days course) can never help in understanding dimension, design and color to meet all the challenges needed to create inviting, comfortable and attractive spaces. Along with creative knowledge, Kathy is also able to tap into her wholesale resources to provide clients with affordable furnishings and accessories.

Kathy is also very knowledgeable in real estate and understands the challenges that realtors face. Many times she is able to provide information and knowledge that helps them sell those difficult listings.

Kathy is certified in Feng Shui and is continually learning new techniques to keep her fresh and current in today’s market. Staging has become much more sophisticated.

Since we stage the entire Bay Area we know what decor is appropriate for all areas: from urban chic in the city to understated elegance in the suburbs. We are trained to do it all.

We are fully operational within the counties that allows us

effective May 3rd. 2020

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